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For the people who asked me to upload my bg image.

It’s supposed to be undercover? Or something? I like the thought of all these undercover mission thingies 

There was another panel that shows the second image from the other side, with her taking a gun from his waistband. But because it was from another angle than the others, it kinda messed up the flow so I didn’t upload it. 


The caption for the last picture is “Police-act natural.”

29th May 2012 12:43
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#Avengers/Brave crossover: Mérida is the daughter of Clint and Natasha. She was kidnapped and sent to another dimension/universe by Loki, where she is then found and adopted by King Fergus and Queen Elinor. [x] 

Based and inspired by this and this. I blame them for implanting the idea on my head. I’m still debating on who should be godparents though. On one hand, it’ll be amusing to see Tony and Steve fight for that role. On the other hand, it’ll be fucking hilarious if Nick Fury demands that role instead. xD

28th May 2012 18:16
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99/100: Jeremy Renner

17th May 2012 19:18
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Die By The Drop: A Clint/Natasha Budapest Fanmix

Love Like A Sunset Part I - Phoenix

Teenage Crime (Radio Edit) - Adrian Lux

Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns

Plastic Bag in a Hurricane - Pluto Jonze

Hands Open - Snow Patrol

Die By The Drop - The Dead Weather

He Had a Good Time - Cliff Martinez

Paint The Silence - South

My Boy Builds Coffins (Demo) - Florence and The Machine

Fragile - God Is An Astronaut

Radio - Lana Del Rey

Goodnight Bad Morning - The Kills

Love Like A Sunset Part II - Phoenix

Download here.

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budapest is my new favorite genre

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top 5 → superheroes (asked by catching-everlark): Hawkeye [5/5]

17th April 2012 16:02
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#2 - Clint Barton

Clinton Francis Barton, what is it about you that I love so much? I don’t even remember my first exposure to Hawkeye. It’s like my love for him just sprang up fully formed one day. Like quite a few of my choices Clint is cocky, brash, and a wise-cracker. He tends to have female trouble, but now that Mockingbird is back perhaps that will change. He’s more than just an archer. Clint is more than capable with swords and a bo staff and is one of Cap’s frequent sparring partners. He was also considered worthy enough to carry Captain America’s shield. Plus he likes purple.

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25th March 2012 18:39
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      » “Don’t worry, darling, I’ve got your six. Keep moving.”

Hawkeye/Black Widow | Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU (idea by Cassie)

On the surface, the Bartons seem like a relatively ordinary couple with their fair share of domestic bliss and spats, although lately their busy schedules and lack of passion have rendered them cold and distant from each other. What each of them doesn’t know is that their significant other is actually a highly-trained assassin, and Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff are some of the best in the world. They have managed to keep their secret identities, well, secret throughout their 5-year marriage - until they are assigned to kill each other.